Global provider for Home Tests and sample collection at Workplace

HealthQnect is a global network and solutions that offers Corporate Wellness, Vaccinations and proven Covid-19 PCR tests worldwide.

Our services help companies and their employees to evaluate and understand the health risks they may face. A clear strategy for wellness and health programs is becoming a mainstay for companies around the world. These programs can significantly reduce the cost of corporate personnel services by increasing employee wellbeing, reducing absenteeism, and increasing efficiency and productivity.
We position ourselves as a “turn key” service provider for global home tests and sample collections at workplace.

Corporate wellness

Employee wellness programs.

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Flu Vaccinations

International coverage.

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Covid-19 PCR Tests

Covid-19 PCR tests worldwide.

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Empowering organizations with wellness screenings

Onsite wellness screenings have become an integral part of creating a healthy and productive work environment. By bringing our services directly to the workplace, we eliminate barriers to access and make it convenient for employees to prioritize their health. These screenings empower individuals to proactively manage their well-being, identify potential health risks, and take appropriate measures to prevent and address them. Moreover, onsite wellness screenings foster a culture of wellness within organizations, promoting employee engagement and demonstrating a commitment to the overall health and happiness of the workforce.


Recently, we have successfully implemented remote wellness screening services, leveraging the wellness solution to reach a wider audience. This added solution has allowed us to extend our services beyond the traditional workplace setting, accommodating remote and distributed teams, as well as individuals who prefer the convenience of accessing screenings from their own homes. By embracing remote wellness screenings, we can ensure that everyone, regardless of their location, can prioritize their health and well-being.

We firmly believe that the combination of onsite and remote wellness screenings has the power to transform lives, boost employee engagement, and contribute to a healthier and happier society as a whole. The recognition and loyalty of our customers further validate the positive impact we are making in this field.


In addition, the fact that our customers have chosen to return to us for five consecutive years speaks volumes about the exceptional quality and value we deliver. It is a testament to the trust and confidence they place in our expertise and the positive outcomes they have experienced through our services. As we embark on another year of serving our customers and expanding our reach, we are more determined than ever to continue raising the bar in the wellness screening industry. We will remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the delivery of exceptional services that truly make a difference.


Onsite and remote flu vaccination services for a healthy and resilient workforce

At HealthQnect, we understand the importance of proactive measures to protect individuals and communities from the flu. Our onsite vaccination services have allowed us to bring flu shots directly to workplaces, making it convenient and accessible for employees to prioritize their health. Additionally, our remote vaccination campaigns have reached individuals in remote areas or those who prefer the convenience of receiving their flu shots in the comfort of their own homes.


By leveraging our expertise and extensive network of healthcare professionals, we have successfully planned, executed onsite and remote flu vaccination campagns to numerous individuals, ensuring they are safeguarded against the seasonal flu in countries in the Southern Hemisphere.


As we prepare for the flu season in the Northern Hemisphere, we invite you to connect with us to learn more about our upcoming plans and how we can support your organization’s flu vaccination needs. By partnering with HealthQnect, you can ensure that your employees or members have access to convenient and reliable flu vaccination services, promoting a healthy and productive workforce. Together, let’s make the upcoming flu season a healthy and resilient one for your workforce.


Create a healthy and safe workplace with flu vouchers

New offer! Vaccinate your employees against the winter flu by using our flexible voucher system. The business can continue as usual while the risk of absences is reduced and the workforce feels safe.



A new laboratory for COVID-19 PCR tests has opened in Toronto

HealthQnect and Omega Laboratories has opened a new laboratory in Toronto. To promote the new branch a short informative film has been produced, introducing the citizens of Ontario to the turnkey solution for COVID-19 PCR testing.


Increased laboratory capacity for the film industry in Vancouver and Toronto for COVID-19 PCR tests



A trusted global provider

We provide testing services in over 8o countries together with our strategic partners. We have delivered over 350,000 private tests for the film industry in Canada. Our strategic partner is Omega Laboratories.


Fastest test results in the industry

We deliver 98.8% of our test results in less than 24 hours of sample collected. 88% of the results are within 12 hours, with an average of 6 hours reporting time. Our private laboratories and integrated solutions ensure that results are prioritized to reach our clients in real time. First Wellness accommodates the  dynamic schedules of the film industry to gather samples  anywhere.


Secure and encrypted data

Results of the testing are automatically provided to employees and compliance officers through a secure IT system. Data is stored according to legislation and encrypted across all platforms. First Wellness can integrate with APIs and to most service apps in the industry.


Turnkey solution for COVID-19 testing

We take care of the entire chain of testing from start to finish




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Global News Canada about us and the growing demand for rapid COVID testing. We are proud to be a part of this.

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We provide testing services in over 8o countries together with our strategic partners. We have delivered over 250,000 private tests for the film industry in Canada. Our strategic partner is Omega Laboratories.

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HealthQnect is a trusted global provider for turnkey vaccination for organizations across the globe. We are the first global flu vaccination service provider to work with key local medical groups, vaccination clinics, and major pharmacy chains in over 50 countries. HealthQnect offers its services in both hemispheres, making it possible to provide flu vaccination year-round.

We deliver different flu vaccination programs, including vaccination vouchers, at-home visits, and workplace flu vaccination. Our booking platform is easy to use for employees and managers at large or small organizations.

Book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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Flu Vaccination Program benefits

We have been delivering flu vaccinations during last five years and have tripled the size of their flu vaccination network in the last two years. We can attribute this exceptional service to client satisfaction and also fair pricing. We are able to provide flu vaccines through our established providers around the world, including countries in both hemispheres.

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“Wherever your company is situated in the world, we come to you to carry out your wellness testing needs. ”

Our values

First Wellness Testing (FWT) and all our subsidiaries takes responsibility for its role in the global society, environment, local communities and all people that we work with. Read more about our values.

We take responsibility.
FWT business area Healthqnect takes responsibility for its role in the global society, environment, local communities and all people that we work with.
We focus on people.
We strive to operate a socially, ethically and environmentally sound business with focus on People (Human Capital/Community), Planet (Natural Capital) and Profit (Economy).
We are dedicated.
Healthqnect is dedicated to improve global health and wellbeing by providing convenient and high quality on-site health and wellness services to employer groups and consumers.

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