Employee Step by Step Experience I ONSITE EVENT: this presentation contains the pages that the candidate will see when booking an onsite appointment at the workplace. Various dates can be added with various. This is the same kind of campaign setup as for onsite fingerprick screening, just with different introduction text and different time slots (instead of a 15-minute time slot, we have 5-minute time slots).


Employee Step by Step Experience I VOUCHER: this presentation contains the pages that the candidate will see when reserving a voucher for flu vaccination at our partner’s premises. We can add as many vouchers as we need, also we are able to ”top-up” the system with vouchers if the clients request more vaccines for their employees. The candidate upon completing the reservation will receive a confirmation email that contains instructions on where the service can be redeemed + FWT person-specific voucher with a QR code for validation. Every voucher will have an Expiration date on it – to prompt the service uptake at the earliest possible – all in line with local practice and client discussions.


Employee Step by Step Experience I VOUCHER for clients with nationwide presence: this presentation contains pages with the possibility for the employee to book the voucher at their desired site – also a convenient option for clients that request flu vaccination via voucher in many countries. This a convenient option for clients because they can hand over 1 URL and PW to all eligible employees in their database.


Combined service: perfect solution if the client wants to hand out 1 URL for all possible campaign options to their huge database. This is a convenient option if the client has 1 HR for multiple sites and a high volume of candidates. Please note, the campaign container can group different kinds of service options, I just made a variation of all.




Important note:

  • The Rexbooker is fully configurable
  • Onsite flu vaccination time slots are usually 5 min slots
  • Combined (onsite fingerprick and flu) time slots are usually 20 minutes long
  • Two logos can be updated on the Rexbooker (both will be visible on the upper corners) – it is preferable to have the following format:
    • SVG format (the filenames end with .svg). These are superior!
    • If SVG isn’t available, the PNG version is acceptable (the file will end with .png). These support a transparent background.
    • Last resort: JPG file, It shall at least be 800 pixels wide to look good.
  • Changes (cancellation or rescheduling) in booking can be made for onsite events by using the Reservation ID from the confirmation email
  • Paperless Walk-In consent system: The Rexbooker can be set in a way to remain open on the actual event day to enable walk-in candidates’ reservations onsite.
  • Reminders for onsite events can be set for 10d/24h, 7d/24h and 4d/24h prior the event day
  • Reminder for use of the voucher can be set in relation to the expiration date on the voucher (10d/24h, 7d/24h, and 4d/24h).
  • The minimum order for onsite flu vaccination events: varies from provider to provider, it can be from 15 to 36
  • The minimum order for flu vaccination via voucher: varies from country to country (and from provider to provider and it is usually between 5 and 36
  • Timeline for collecting WO for countries in the Southern Hemisphere: April (the season is from April to July)
  • Timeline for collecting WO for countries in the Northern Hemisphere: End of September, preferably August (the season is from September to January)
  • Pricing for the service varies from site to site, an estimated pricing has been shared already

And lastly, what else will you receive from FWT – unique USP:

  • One contact person for global events
  • One invoice for the globally presented service
  • One Centralised Managing Tool – Rexbooker Globally, through which you as a company representative can follow real-time booking (and take actions in form of reminders (if the dynamic of the booking is slow) or request more vaccines (if the dynamic is as fast).
  • One Streamlined Process
  • Quick implementation period: from 5 working days to 6 weeks time (varies from country to country and provider to provider)

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